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What do we mean by freedom:
Freedom of medical choice, Freedom of choice for childrens’ education free of indoctrination, Freedom of Canadian housing only for Canadians, Freedom from over taxing by government, Freedom of religious places out of government control, Freedom of media companies out of government control, Freedom of movement, Freedom from government surveillance, and Freedom of owning firearms.

Our Platform

Schools are for learning

Our young children will not be manipulated into consenting for sex change surgeries and puberty blockers.
BC Schools will not be used for child abuse via trojan horse of SOGI 123 and Critical Race Theory.
There are no exams in K-12 schooling system because it may hurt kids’ feelings if they do poorly. This is intentional to set them up for failure.
Make our K-12 schools competitive with international academic levels, so that every child has confidence and is motivated to pursue post secondary education.
We will not put guilt in our children by forcing them to recite every morning that they live on unceded and stolen land. It does not help anyone.

Children belong to parents, not government

Fundamentally, children belong to parents, not Governments. Parents make best decisions for their children.
Parents rights will supercede BC Child and Family Service in determining child’s best interest, be it medical, education, or any other matter.
Overhaul Ministry of child and family service to re-inforce parental rights over kids rather than governmental.

Make housing affordable again

BC housing will be made affordable again for BC residents, currently our youth have no hope.
End the housing fraud perpetrated on British Columbians by the nexus of Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Governments.
End foreign ownership of BC housing and agricultural land until further notice.
Put federal government on notice that they need to provide housing for all the new people they send to BC.

I own my body not the government

BC residents will not be treated as Government subjects, they will have full autonomy over their bodies.
All employees terminated due to COVID policy will be re-hired with apology.
All involved in covid tyranny will be held accountable and criminally prosecuted.
Rescind NDP’s Bill 36, which is designed to tighten the tyrannical noose on British Columbians’ health.

Religious freedom is guaranteed

Religious freedom will be guaranteed under all circumstances, as per our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Religious Institutes will be protected against closure in real or engineered pandemic, that’s when we need them most.
The federal government aid to religious institutes will be investigated if it is being used to push Government agenda on people.

Federal and BC government harming BC residents

Are media companies in BC doing the Federal Government’s propaganda to the detriment of BC residents?
Is Federal Government paying BC media companies to do Misinformaton/Disinformation campaigns to harm BC residents?
Have BC Doctors been intimidated by Provincial Government to hide the Covid truth from people and deny them life saving drugs?
Federal Government and BC Government will be investigated for harming British Columbians’ health.

BC Provincial Police?

Explore the benefits of British Columbia Provincial Police over RCMP and Municipal Police Forces.
Make sure the RCMP is not enforcing the Federal Government’s agenda on British Columbians’ Freedoms.

A government disarms its citizens before enslaving them

Legal firearm owners will not be harassed or marginalized in the province of British Columbia.
Federal Government will not be allowed to disarm law abiding citizens.
A civilian, once vetted, is no different from a Police Officer or an Army Officer. They could all be born off the same mother.
Only difference is Government controls Police and Army. Government will not weaken what it does not control.
Brave British Columbians should be fully trained in handling firearms. It’s a Canadian heritage, hunting weapon, olympic sport and a symbol of freedom and equality.
History shows that more illegal guns result in more crime but more legal guns result in less crime.

British Columbians will not be enslaved

Freedom Party will ban all interference by World Economic Forum.
Freedom Party will not allow Surveillance on its own citizens, Vaccine Passports, Forced Masking, Central Bank Digital Currencies, Frozen bank accounts of innocent Canadians, and any form of control over people.
Government exists to serve people, it will not intimidate people.

Use our natural resources for Prosperity

We will support and cherish our natural resource industry. All help will be provided to develop them.
BC has oil, gas, gold, silver, copper, timber, agriculture, cattle, and many more natural resources. We need to use them for the prosperity of BC residents. We need them, the world needs them. We are blessed to have them right here. There is no reason to pay more than $1 for the price of a litre of gas. That’s how it is in oil rich Middle Eastern Countries. We will not let the likes of Justin Trudeau trash our natural resources.

Climate change Hoax

Investigate climate change deception by the authorities.
At first it was global warming. When we encountered a few colder winters, the warming word didn’t cut it out anymore. No worries, authorities changed the name to climate change.
But do we really have a man made climate change or is it merely a natural phenomenon. Did we have same climate a hundred years ago, a thousand years ago? Not really.
Is it propaganda by Governments to scare people? Or is it actually done by cow farts, as is claimed by the establishment?
Why do elites travel by private planes if they care about carbon footprint?
Or is it a grand scheme to make common people even more miserable by slapping yet another tax on them?

Taxes are too damn high, lower them

Federal tax was introduced in Canada for the first time in 1917 in the name of funding first world war. Once foot in the door, taxes always go up and up. Temporary taxes are introduced, which always end up becoming permanent. It’s a one way street. The latest new taxes are coming in the name of saving us from climate change. The monster’s hunger never gets satisfied, more we feed it, hungrier it gets.
Taxes should be lowered all around to spur growth of industries, who in turn generate employment. Lower taxes will also make life more enjoyable for all British Columbians.
There shouldn’t be any double taxation or tax on same product again and again like on used car, each time it is sold.
No predatory taxes like 15% hst on liquor products instead of standard 12%.

Foreign attack on BC sovereignty

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has very strong influence and grip on BC because of its natural resources.
Richmond General Hospital is known for its birth tourism. BC Casinos are known for money laundering. Foreign buyers have pretty much priced out entire Canadian generation from the housing market. They are doing same to the BC agricultural land as we speak. There is a reason why Justin Trudeau didn’t ban agricultural land for foreign buyers and even left numerous loopholes in recent residential ban. All the banks, real estate industry, and governments on both sides, are involved in selling Canada to China. CCP has even opened police stations in Toronto and Vancouver from where they intimidate Chinese Canadian population to not go against CCP. They use the leverage that Chinese Canadians have family and friends back in China, who are open to be tortured.
As far back as 2010, CSIS gave interview to CBC that certain MLA/MPs in Richmond have direct contact with CCP. The way Stephen Harper’s government handled it is by asking CSIS chief to resign for spreading rumours. Fast forward 2022, CSIS again declared that some MPs in Trudeau’s government are paid by CCP, again no action from the government. The reason for no action is that government already knows about it and it’s ok for them as it benefits their party.
BC government should get report from CSIS to find out the BC MLAs being funded by the CCP, and take action for foreign interference.

When will Indigenous reconciliation occur

Both federal and provincial governments talk about reconciliation with Canadian native population. Government after government does it like a clockwork. It never gets done though, otherwise they won’t keep promising it. It’s doubtful if an average Canadian understands what the reconciliation looks like. It’s doubtful even the governments understand, let alone solve it. Or perhaps governments know but they are misleading us.
Since native chiefs negotiate with provincial government, and we know that provincial government is not honest, could it be that the same issue is plaguing native leadership as well? Why is clean drinking water an issue in native lands? Does government not give them enough money or does money not reach them but eaten by the intermediaries?
We really need to meet with native chiefs as well as native population directly to understand what reconciliation looks like for them. And whether an agreement can truly be reached to satisfy both native and Canadian populations. Only then we can truly move forward as one nation.

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